How To: Schedule a Panopto Classroom Recording

How to Schedule Panopto Recordings

(For Faculty, Office Assistants, and NYUClasses Coursesite admins)


Panopto is our primary recording service used for class recordings.   If you are a faculty member, their office/admin assistant or NYUClasses coursesite admin for their course, you have the flexibility and power to self schedule recordings in Panopto.  To schedule Panopto recordings yourself please follow these steps:


  1. Log into Panopto via the NYUClasses coursesite for the class needing a recording setup.
  2. Click the green “Create” button, and select “Scheduled Recording”.
  3. In the popup form that comes up, please fill in the name of this specific recording session. Classroom Operations uses the form of “roomnumber_class time_class name_professor name_date” for the name
  4. In the “Schedule” section, click the “Date” field and selct the date of the recording
  5. In the “Start and End time” field, select the start and end time for the course. If you click the “Enter times manually” button, you can enter specific times, allowing you to give small buffer times before and after the class actually starts.  We recommend 1 minute before and 2 minutes after (i.e. 3:59pm for a 4pm class start time, 5:02pm, for a class ending at 5pm).
  6. In the “Options field” tick the box for “Webcast Session”. This is important, as it allows you or us to monitor  the recording while it’s happening, to ensure that it is actually recording.  If this is not selected, you won’t be able to ensure the recording is going off properly, until after the recording has stiopped, processed and uploaded to the Panopto server.
  7. In the “Source” field, select the Primary remote recorder, using the dropdown menu to select the classroom number in which the class takes place. We don’t have secondary recorders so do NOT select one from the menu. If you do this, errors will occur.
  8. Click the “Create” This creates the recording session, and once the date and time of the course arrives, the recording will automatically start based on the settings you have selected (from #3-7 above).
  9. Once you have done this, please submit a JIRA ticket to Classroom Operations so we can schedule our staff to come and setup our backup recording system. If you do not do this there will be no backup that can be used in case an error occurs in our primary source (Panopto).  Please state in the JIRA ticket that you have scheduled a recording in Panopto and need our staff to setup our backup recording system.  Please provide the same info as you would for any recording (course name, professor name, classroom, date of the recording, start and end time).


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