Introduction to Teleworking

As NYU transitions to teleworking for non-essential employees due to the novel coronavirus known as COVID-19, everyone should prepare themselves with the appropriate information and tools to work away from campus for an extended period of time.  This page serves as a general teleworking guide to Law School employees. 

Working remotely presents unique challenges, notably being able to communicate directly with your team members/colleagues.  There are a number of tools available today which can help, including teleconference, video chat, and group chat.  The longer we remain in a remote working environment the more important it will be to maintain open channels of communication and stay connected.

Everything on this checklist can be done from a personal computer with an Internet connection - it is not necessary to use a device provided by NYU or the Law School.  It is important to review this checklist while on campus for ease of support from Helpdesk.  In preparing, imagine what your day normally looks like, then picture performing those tasks from your couch.  Which of your job functions are critical to perform?  What steps do you take to perform them?  

Bear in mind, with thousands of employees accessing NYU systems remotely and all classes meeting online with live video streaming, the NYU network may at times be congested and things may slow down.  Like a hot summer day on a Robert Moses parkway designed for a simpler and slower time, you may find traffic is better during non-peak hours. Please contact Helpdesk with any questions you may have. 

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