How to download a Zoom Recording and then upload into Panopto

  1. To download a recording for a course, click on Zoom in the course site toolbar.
  2. Then click “cloud recordings”
  3. Next, click on desired Topic you want to save
  4. Recordings are available as an mp4 video file or audio only m4a file.  Click “download” to save to your local computer”.
  5. Return to the course site page and click the Panopto link in the toolbar
  6. This will open the Panopto folder associated with that course
  7. Next, click the Create button and select Upload Media
  8. You can drag and drop your media files into the popup window or left click with your mouse to open the file explorer.
  9. You can select multiple files by clicking and dragging around them
  10. Then click open
  11. Wait until the files have finished uploading before closing the popup window.
  12. For longer recordings, it can take an hour or more to process the files before they are available
  13. You can close the browser window or upload additional media files as needed
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