Getting started in a Zoom meeting

  1. To begin a scheduled Zoom meeting, log into your course site and click Zoom in the toolbar.
  2. Then under Upcoming Meetings, click the corresponding Start button for the session.
  3. Once the Zoom window appears, select how you would like to connect your audio.  You can also test your speakers and microphone at this step.
  4. The tool bar at the bottom of the window, which auto hides, provides access to a variety of features
  5. Click the microphone button to mute and unmute your audio.
  6. To start or stop your video stream from your webcam, click the video button.
  7. Select “manage participants” to see a list of users who have joined the meeting. 
  8. In the participant panel that opens, you have the option to mute and unmute all users and clear any interaction icons.
  9. Clicking the Chat button will open the Zoom Group Chat window.
  10. Here you can message everyone in the meeting or an individual privately.
  11. You can also manage chat permissions by clicking on the more button.
  12. To share content such as a powerpoint presentation, click the Share icon in the Zoom meeting window or the button in the toolbar.
  13. You will be prompted to share either your entire computer desktop or a specific application.  If you're switching between applications during your meeting, Sharing  the screen is recommended as sharing a specific application will restrict participants to see only that window, even if you open a different application later.
  14. If you’ll be sharing a video, such as on youtube, be sure to tick the “share computer sound” as well.
  15. Click Share to start.
  16. The Zoom window will be hidden and the toolbar will dock at the top of your screen.  It auto hides if your mouse cursor leaves the bar.  Hover over the tab to reveal it.
  17. The available tools while sharing includes pausing the share and adding annotations.
  18. Annotations allow you to markup the screen with notes and callouts.  Participants can also add their own.  To disable that, click the option located under the more button.
  19. Click “Stop share” when you are finished.
  20. To end the meeting click “End Meeting” in the toolbar.
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