Zoom Whiteboard (iPad)

Zoom Whiteboards provide a blank canvas for you and your participants to annotate on. When used via a tablet device, the ability to hand write notes, charts, and symbols is much easier.  These instructions will walk through the steps to use an iPad for Whiteboards in conjunction with a desktop or laptop for a class Zoom Meeting.

  1. First, make sure you have installed the Zoom app on your iPad.  Also have your iPad in Landscape orientation.
  2. Then, on your computer, start your scheduled Meeting via your course site.  Take note of the Meeting ID.
  3. Back on your iPad, launch the Zoom app and press “Join a Meeting”
  4. Enter the Meeting ID and an appropriate Screen Name
  5. Press Join
  6. **NOTE: Be sure to press Cancel to not join audio
  7. Verify on your computer that your iPad has joined (open participants panel)
  8. Then on your iPad, press the Share Content button followed by Whiteboard.
  9. The Whiteboard will now be displayed on both your iPad and computer screen.
  10. The Annotation tools are located at the bottom of the iPad screen.
  11. Use your finger or compatible stylus for selecting and using the annotation tools
  12. First, press the more icon (...) to hide your video stream thumbnail
  13. Then, press the arrow to expand and shrink the toolbar.  Available tools include:
  14. A Pencil for freehand writing and drawing
  15. An Eraser for removing markups
  16. A color selector for the Pencil
  17. A Text tool to insert a text box with font style, size, and color controls
  18. Various Pencil widths
  19. A laser pointer tool
  20. And a Select tool for moving and resizing existing annotations
  21. Other useful functions include Undo and Redo, Clear Drawings, and adding additional blank whiteboards
  22. For managing multiple whiteboards, you can navigate between them by pressing the Page icon followed by the desired page
  23. You can also delete pages by pressing the Edit link followed by the Remove icon on the desired page.
  24. When you want to stop using the whiteboard, press Stop Share in the Meeting toolbar.
  25. Note, your Whiteboard annotations will NOT be saved once you stop sharing.
  26. They will be included in the Zoom Recording though.
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