Checking Zoom hardware

When you start or join a Zoom meeting, you can choose how you want to join your audio, via phone or computer audio.

If you have a poor internet connection, it is recommended to select “phone call” and use your mobile or landline to dial one of the numbers provided in the dialog box.  You will be prompted to enter the meeting id and your participant id after dialing.

Selecting “computer audio” allows you to test your speaker and microphone settings first.

  1. Click the link and follow the prompts.  In the drop down you can select the audio device to use if you have more than one connected.
  2. Make sure both the speakers and microphone work and then click the “join audio” button located in the lower right of the Zoom window.
  3. You can also check you video settings by clicking the up arrow on “start video” and select “test video”.
  4. If your camera is working properly, you will see the feed within the dialog box.
  5. Close the window and click the “start video” to begin streaming.
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