Creating a Zoom Poll (basic)

The polling tool allows you to create and launch surveys during your Zoom meeting.  Polls can contain any number of single choice or multiple choice questions and you’ll be able to view participant responses in real-time. Note that only the meeting host can create or edit a poll.  Alternative and co-hosts can start an existing poll though.

  1. Getting started with Zoom Polls
  2. To get started, after joining the Zoom Meeting, click the Polls button in the toolbar.
  3. Then click “Add a Question”, this will open a new browser window or tab.
  4. Next, enter a title for the poll.  You can create up to 25 polls for a single meeting.
  5. Tick the Anonymous box if you wish user information in the Poll Report to be kept anonymous.
  6. Now you can begin creating questions.  Simply enter the question text.  Note that questions and answers have a 255 character limit.
  7. Next, select either single choice (participants can only choose one answer) or multiple choice (participants can select multiple answers).
  8. Now type in the answers choices.  Those labeled “optional” will only be displayed if they contain text.
  9. If you would like to add a new question for this poll, click Add a Question and repeat the previous steps. Otherwise, click Save.
  10. You can create additional polls by clicking the Add button.
  11. When finished, return to the Zoom meeting. 
  12. You will see the Polls window has been updated automatically.  If you created more than one Poll, select which one you want to launch.
  13. Launch the Poll at any time during the meeting by clicking the Launch Poll button.
  14. The Polls window will display a timer and live results.
  15. To close the poll, click End Poll.
  16. Participants will not see the results until you click Share Results.  To unshare, click the button again.
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