Zoom Meeting Reports

Meeting Reports provide participation statistics for every Zoom Meeting.  A report is created within 30 minutes of a recently ended meeting. Only users with the role Instructor, Teaching Assistant, or Course Site Admin have access to reports.


  1. To view a report, open the Zoom dashboard from your course site.
  2. Then click on the Previous Meetings tab
  3. Locate the relevant meeting and click Report
  4. The Report Dashboard displays the following details:
    1. The name of the participant
    2. Their email
    3. The date and time they joined the meeting
    4. When then left the meeting
    5. The total number of minutes they were in the meeting
    6. And an attentiveness score
  5. The attentiveness score is based on how long their Zoom window was “in focus”.  For example, if the student opened and used another program during the meeting, such as a web browser, the Zoom window would be out of focus and would lower their attentiveness score.
  6. Keep in mind though, that some students may be taking notes using their computer while listening to the class lecture or discussion in Zoom.  For this reason, the Attentiveness Score should only be used as a general indicator of student engagement.
  7. You can download the report as a csv file by clicking Export as CSV File and selecting the destination folder on your local computer.
  8. The CSV file can be opened using Microsoft Excel.
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