NYU Classes Attendance Tool

The Attendance tool has been enabled on all Law School course sites. The recommended workflow is to set up Attendance Items ( or Class Sessions) within the tool and then update student records using the associated Zoom Meeting Report.


  1. To begin, click on the Attendance tool in the course site toolbar
  2. Then click Add Attendance Item
  3. Enter an Item Name, such as the Class number, and then select the Date and time that corresponds to your normal class schedule.
  4. If you want to add multiple Items, click Create & Add Another
  5. Otherwise click Create to save and exit.
  6. To record attendance, click on the Item title.
  7. Your class roster will be displayed with the option to mark each student individually or bulk apply a status.
  8. If you do a bulk apply, you can always make corrections afterward.
  9. Use the exported CSV file from the Zoom Meeting Report or open another browser window to display the Report side-by-side for greater convenience taking attendance.

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