Annotations [Desktop Version]

Zoom annotation tools allow you to mark up shared content like a PowerPoint, PDF, or webpage, in real-time.

  1. After Sharing content or your screen, the Annotate button will be available in the docked Zoom controls. Click to open the toolbar.
  2. By default, all participants have permission to use the Annotation tools during a meeting. To disable, click the More button and select Disable participants annotation.
  3. There are a variety of annotation tools available:
    • The Text tool creates a text box you can edit
    • Use the Draw tool to insert shapes like arrows or draw lines. 
    • The Eraser tool clears annotations by left-clicking on the markup to remove.
    • Use the Format tool to change the color of annotations, adjust the line width, and customize text font
    • The Select tool allows you to move and resize existing annotations. 
    • Use the Clear tool to remove all annotations.
    • Lastly, you can save a screenshot of your annotated content to your local computer by clicking save.  Click Show in folder to view             

      4. Click the X or the Annotate button in the toolbar again to close to the tools.  Doing so will not     clear any existing annotations on the screen though so be sure to Clear All Drawings before moving on with the lesson.

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