Zoom Breakout Sessions (Basic)

Breakout Rooms are a great way to facilitate group discussions while still maintaining control over your virtual classroom.  Each Breakout Room is a self contained Zoom Meeting where participants can video conference, text chat, and share content.

  1. To begin, click the Breakout Rooms button in the Zoom toolbar. 
  2. In the dialog window, you can choose how many rooms to create and how to assign participants to each room, either Automatically or Manually.
  3. Choosing Automatically will divide participants randomly into evenly-sized rooms while Manually provides full control of who goes where.
  4. Click Create Rooms to continue.
  5. Each Breakout Room will be displayed along with a list of participants in each.  If you chose Manually assigned rooms, click Assign to view a list of participants and then tick the checkbox next to each person to add.
  6. When you are finished, click Options to view additional settings such as automatically moving participants to their assigned rooms and if there is a session time limit.
  7. Use the Countdown after closing breakout room option to give participants a warning and allow conversations to wrap up.
  8. Click Open All Rooms to start the Breakout sessions.
  9. Once in a Breakout Room, participants can click the Ask for Help button, which will open a dialog box in the host’s window. Follow the prompts as needed. 
  10. Note, that if you leave the main Zoom Meeting to enter a breakout room, recording in the main session will be paused until you return.
  11. If you need to send an announcement to all breakout rooms at once, click Broadcast a message to all and type in your message. Then click Broadcast to send.
  12. To end the Breakouts sessions, click Close All Rooms.  Participants will be  automatically returned to the main session.
  13. Lastly, Zoom cloud recordings only capture the main session. Breakout discussions will not be included.
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